4Real Creative were approached directly by an Architect known as our undisclosed client to produce CGI’s of the new phase of work being proposed for the extension of the London Excel Conference Center.

The Client wanted computer generated photo-realistic images of the proposed phasing works which showcased linking the existing part of the Excel Building and the adjacent hotel via a glass skybridge, all too assist with the planning application.

The client provided the team of 4Real with the technical drawings a design proposal and mood images for the new works, along with aerial photographs and existing site photos to help with the landscaping topography and its surroundings. Workshop discussions took place finalizing the exact external views our client was after, further detailing discussions took place on the proposed external materials, external ground surface finishes and likely landscaping as all of this was new to the scheme.

4Real Creative prepared some initial drafts which proved invaluable for re-considering various elements of the design, for example signage and facia cladding was addressed by having the luxury to see what was being potentially proposed in a 3-dimensional photo realistic manner. The final images were exactly what the Architect and the client was after.

We found 4 Real Creative to be very professional in their approach, attentive to what we were looking for, as a valuable tool in the design process, I would certainly advocate their involvement in any building project. – ‘Undisclosed Client’