One of our long serving clients Nigel Arnold Architects approached 4Real Creative directly on a more personal project after deciding to purchase a plot in a small old coastal town near Girona, in the Catalonia region of Spain.

The plan was to produce photorealistc CGI’s for their design and build project for a simple modernist house as their holiday home.

Rather than trying to mimick a traditional Spanish style of design, the Client decided they wanted the house to be ‘of its time’, with simple white walls inside and out, lots of glass, and a flat roof.

The Client thought it would be useful to have computer generated photo-realistic images of the proposed house to help aid the planning application. Therefore, decided to approach 4Real Creative to prepare these.

The client provided the team of 4Real with the technical drawings a design proposal and mood images for the house, along with photographs of the existing site and its surrounds. Workshop discussions took place finalizing the exact external views Nigel wanted 4Real to prepare as the final shots. Further detailing discussions took place on the proposed external materials, external ground surface finishes, and likely soft landscaping.

4Real Creative prepared some initial drafts which proved invaluable for re-considering various elements of the design that when seen in a 3-dimensional photo realistic manner, became obvious they could be improved. The final images were exactly what the client wanted, and have been tabled during informal conversations, and more recently with the local Spanish Architects who are assisting with the construction.

We found 4Real Creative to be very professional in their approach, attentive to what we were looking for, and prompt in producing the images. As a valuable tool in the design process, I would certainly advocate their involvement in any building project